Superior Solar

Generating 3X Leads through Conversion Optimization

The Goal

After years of creating a solid reputation for quality and customer satisfaction in the Central Florida area, Superior Solar was in a perfect place to grow the company and ramp up their sales and marketing efforts. Their website was generating a good amount of local traffic, however their traffic to lead conversion rate wasn’t optimized to it’s fullest potential. Their goal was to redesign their website and turn it into a primary source of new leads.

The Strategy

Superior Solar’s website, while generating traffic, wasn’t doing a great job of nurturing those visitors to leads and then to customers. Because of this main pain point, our website redesign strategy focused conversion optimization, with each website and landing page specifically designed to attract and convert qualified leads.

To capitalize on the new website redesign we then launched a locally focused inbound marketing and social media campaign to attract and nurture leads through Superior Solar’s sales funnel. As they quickly began to see a large increase in leads, it was then time to train their sales team on a new CRM platform and create sales materials to standardize their process.

Increasing conversion rates with

With increasing conversions rates as the main marketing goal of the new website, we designed each page to feature several calls-to-action and various lead capture forms. By customizing each page to a specific buyer persona and giving their website visitors different form options, we were able to capitalize on Superior Solar’s website traffic.

In the first month of the new website launch, traffic stayed the same while leads went up — significantly. The company saw a 100% increase in pool heating leads and a 50% increase in residential solar electric leads. This lead increase has continued to rise and Superior Solar now generates three times more website leads on a monthly basis.

Conversion Rate Optimization

100% increase

in pool heating leads

50% increase

in residential lead

3x more

website leads monthly

Greenhouse provided creative and very effective services to propel our web presence to the top of our market. They rebuilt our website from scratch and helped revamp our lead sourcing and follow-up process. We’re a much more efficient and effective company today as a result of their work. Moreover, the team was a true pleasure to work with. We highly recommend Greenhouse to any company that’s looking to grow.

Remo Remo Eyal, CEO
Superior Solar

Creating an interactive energy audit

Superior Solar needed a way to engage website visitors and show them the value of solar in a quick and simple way. We created a visually appealing, interactive energy audit that a visitor could use to determine if solar was a good fit. By placing this engaging content piece next to a lead-capture form, visitors felt more confident in moving forward, which lead Superior Solar to see a dramatic increase in energy audit requests.

Superior Solar Energy Audit

Creating fresh content to attract and educate buyers

To help potential buyers who weren’t quite ready to be contacted by the sales team, we created keyword-optimized, educational blog content with calls-to-action that lead the consumer down Superior Solar’s sales funnel at their own pace. We promoted this content on Superior Solar’s social channels and drove blog visitors to premium content offers to capture earned traffic. Prior to this, Superior Solar rarely received qualified social leads, but now social has become a source of steady residential monthly leads.

HubSpot CRM Sales Team Training

With an influx of new leads coming in daily, Superior Solar reached out to us requesting CRM training for their sales team. Through weekly in-person training sessions we were able to work with their team to properly set up their CRM deals stages, write standardized sales follow-up emails and phone scripts and and train each sales rep on how to make the most of of the platform.

Since the team has standardized on this platform Superior Solar can now see the exact actions of each sales rep, how much each rep has won or lost in a given timeframe and has access to create almost any report they can imagine. Then for the sales reps, they benefit by clearly seeing to-do lists, tasks accomplished and most importantly their “deals forecast” which shows their potential closed won sales numbers for the month.

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