Creating a movement that makes a difference

The Goal

The Mode team came to us with a vision of a more mindful world, an app in the early, early stages of development, and a desire to establish a following of individuals who were overwhelmed by the distractions of technology and looking for a solution to help them re-enter the here and now. With an available MVP a full year out, dozens of competing apps, and the general everyday distractions their audience faced online, our client struggled with how to establish a built-in audience that would be receptive to his product when it became available. Mode needed to find a way to break through the noise.

The Strategy

At it’s inception, Mode wasn’t “Mode.” Prior to launch, we need to give this mindfulness app a name, create branding and collateral from scratch, distinguish it from its competitors, and establish a base audience. To do so, we created a three-phase strategy: Pre-Launch, where we focused on branding, website development and social media strategy; Beta Launch, in which we utilized social media campaigns to grow the Mode audience and establish an active community; and Launch, where we encouraged users to download the app and share how they use it to incorporate mindfulness into their lives, with the rest of the Mode community.

From Idea to MVP


With new apps being created daily, we had to make Mode stand out from its competitors with a strategically designed brand personality, voice, values, and look. Our branding had to communicate living each day in the present moment, being intentional with your time, and taking daily actions to improve your life, while meeting rising consumer expectations of app design and development. Our final branding decisions created the perfect yin and yang, balancing modern design with the tranquility of mindful living.

mobile app marketing, mobile app branding

Growing the Mode community

Instagram Social Media Marketing, mobile app marketing, app marketing strategy

Once we had branding and a viable app in production, we needed to implement a strategy for reaching our target audience and getting them to join the Mode community without a product in sight.

We focused our attention on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, combining paid and organic, grassroots campaigns to build Mode’s audience, with #liveinthemode at the core of it all.

Because the app would allow users to create different “Modes” to track their goals (i.e. Family Mode to commit to spending more quality family time, Volunteer Mode to keep yourself accountable for community enrichment projects, etc.) our hashtag movement was the perfect brand tie-in to establish an active community prior to launch.

The results…

  • 5,800 Post Reactions
  • 1,730 Facebook Likes
  • 7,400 Twitter Followers
  • 1,030 Twitter Mentions
  • 3,930 Instagram Followers
  • 830 Instagram posts with #liveinthemode

How do you #liveinthemode?

To encourage our users to become loyal brand advocates and active community members, we ran weekly giveaways of branded collateral, tying in products we knew our community would love. To enter, followers were asked to share how they #liveinthemode in a user-generated social media post.

Mode Social Media Giveaway, mobile app marketing strategy

A Social Hub for our #mindfulnessmovement

For added credibility and as a place to learn more about the #liveinthemode movement, we designed and developed The Mode website provided a space where visitors could join the movement by signing up with an email, and encouraged them to share their mindfulness attempts on social media with the Mode hashtag.

From community members
to app downloads

In less than 2 months post-launch, our social media campaigns, Facebook ads and strategic website optimization resulted in 730 app installs. Our ads used Instagram-worthy images to catch the attention of our mostly female audience, and encouraged users to reach their mindfulness goals by downloading the app.

Mode App Downloads on Social Media

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