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How we created a lead generating machine from the ground up

The Goal

When Riverside came to us they were looking for a way to significantly increase their number of surgeries per month to reach their goal of becoming a Center of Excellence. Traditional advertising was expensive and not converting, and their website was also not generating any leads. They knew they were missing out on potential online leads and revenue, but they didn’t know where to start.

The Strategy

We teamed up with Riverside to redesign their website and launch an aggressive inbound marketing campaign to grow their online presence from the ground up. The combination of a new website designed to attract and convert leads, paired with targeted blogging, lead nurturing and social outreach has made Riverside a dominant force in the online weight loss surgery community.


patient surgeries per month

Building a library of
optimized consumer content

Riverside had only a few hundred website visits per month and zero fresh content to attract or convert possible leads. To increase visitors and attract consumer attention GreenHouse created keyword-optimized and medically accurate content that includes 170 blog posts, 32 weight loss guides, 55 landing pages, and countless emails and social media posts.

Several of Riverside’s top performing blog posts consistently receive thousands of views per month by organically ranking for competitive industry keyphrases. The combination of this organic blog traffic accounts for 75% of Riverside’s total website traffic.

top 3 blog posts


75% website traffic

from blog views

landing page

conversion rates 31%

Nurturing leads with online webinars


Weight loss surgery is a service with many hoops to jump through before a lead can become a patient. Riverside needed a way to prequalify interested leads and have them complete the first step in their process before continuing follow-up. We created a branded presentation and added an online webinar option for leads who weren’t ready to commit to an in-person seminar.

With a high Views>Submission rate of 10 percent, these monthly webinars have generated more than 300 qualified leads for Riverside and provide a simple, automated process for webinar registrations and scheduling.


 qualified leads though online webinars

Generating lead growth to achieve Riverside’s Center of Excellence Goal

In the three years that Riverside has been a client of ours, their website traffic has skyrocketed from 300 monthly visitors to now more than 11,000 average visitors per month. Their organic traffic has also dramatically increased from 115 visitors per month to 7,000 visitors per month — driving 60% of their overall website traffic.

But high traffic numbers mean nothing without conversions, fortunately, this is where Riverside really shines. With more than 150 qualified leads per month, we’ve helped Riverside quadruple their number of patient surgeries per month. This dramatic growth lead to the achievement of their goal as a Center of Excellence!


 visitors per month


 organic traffic


 leads per month

Caleb and his team have implemented a comprehensive plan to increase our business through inbound marketing and social media. They have a thorough understanding of what it takes to make it successful. We are very happy with the results! We highly recommend them!

Patrick Domkowski, MD Ph.D
Riverside Surgical and Weight Loss Center

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