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How we launched an industry expert using strategic rebranding

The Goal

Looking to transition from government contract clients to the corporate sector, KPC knew they needed a fresh new identity and an engaging website. Their old branding and website was uninformative, visually lacking and didn’t represent their vibrant company culture or curriculum. With new corporate prospects on the horizon, KPC needed from scratch branding, website content and website design — all with a very quick turnaround time.

The Strategy

To begin the rebrand, our design strategy focused on integrating brand personality into their logo, website, social media profiles and overall branding. The new website aimed to create a balance of industry expertise and company charisma to attract corporate clients looking to transform their organizations. To generate interest in the launch, we then focused on a webinar promotion targeting the top human resource executives nationwide.

Modernizing branding and logo

To achieve their goal of refreshing their brand, we redesigned KPC’s logo and presented several branding options designed to appeal to their target corporate clients. The new modernized logo set KPC on par with their competitors, while still capturing their brand personality. A change in color scheme was also chosen to align with the three main areas of service that KPC provides. These design choices complemented the clean lines of the website redesign and helped bring to life the unique features of KPC.

Reshaping website content

With the goal of attracting a new target audience, we worked with KPC to reshape and repackage their niche services into three categories that aligned with their corporate clients’ needs. We designed specific landing pages for each of these main services and included optimized content targeting their buyer personas. Each page of the website included KPC’s main “discovery session” call-to-action which naturally lead prospects into their sales process. By the end of the project, there was no doubt that the in-depth website content, case studies, blogs and white papers created by our team, repositioned KPC as an industry expert in the corporate sector.

White Papers

Garnering interest through online webinars

40 qualified

leads in two weeks


webinar attendance

To launch corporate interest in the new and improved KPC, we designed a webinar campaign targeting their specific buyer personas. The campaign centered around a recently popular corporate topic, “How to Tackle Unconscious Bias at Work” and featured KPC’s president as the featured speaker. In less than two weeks, our social advertising campaign produced 40 new qualified corporate webinar registrants and captured their contact information for future follow-up. Of these registrants, 47.5% went on to attend the online webinar, a percentage well above the industry standard.

I’m most impressed by the response to our first webinar!

Kizzy M. Dominguez, Ph.D, President
K Parks Consulting

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