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The B2B sales environment has changed dramatically

The Internet has changed the buying process. Today’s buyers are smart, and they’re empowered. Starting with a Google search, they navigate their own way through the sales process online before ever talking with a sales person.

Still, many sales teams haven’t kept up with these shifting purchase habits. Rather than connecting with prospects who are already 57% through the sales process, sales teams continue to spend roughly 7.5 hours cold calling just to get ONE qualified appointment.

Inbound marketing can help your sales team have more conversations with qualified prospects that fit your buyer persona and are sales-ready leads.

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Grow faster by aligning sales and marketing

Marketing and sales teams exist for the same end goal — new customers. Unfortunately, because they function separately, there can be a large disconnect that prevents them from supporting each other. At GreenHouse, we strategically close the gap between your marketing and sales efforts by working with and sharing data with your sales team.

With marketing and sales aligned, we’re able to provide closed-loop reporting that details the entire lead journey — from the moment that a visitor first looks at your website, to the second that they convert into a customer.

This data gives us powerful insight into which areas of your sales funnel could be improved to better support the digital buyer’s journey, and gives your sales team important prospect information they can use during their sales process to measure each prospect's level of sales-readiness and target their specific pain points and interests.

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Increased B2B Leads by 4x

How we increased B2B Leads by 4x in 6 months

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We generated 40 quality leads in 2 weeks
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How we generated 40 quality leads in 2 weeks

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